Valmeadow Testimonials

Have a fantastic Christmas & Happy New Year! 

Cassie has changed our lives she is adorable little pug.

Best wishes Cassie,Elaine, Danielle & Liam. South Wales 

Merry Christmas  & Happy New Year

Lots of love Bethia, Ryan & Bruce (blackpug) Bristol

Hi Valmeadow

Merry Christmas 2016, this year has been delightful with our Lola pug

I cannot thank you enough for seeing us at short notice, she is everything we could have wished for and more

Thanks again Sally, Alice and Lola Pug..Bridgend

Dear Valmeadow

Our Trudy had nine pug puppies, seven black and two fawn.

Pups doing well and looking like their dad Bentley (Stud Rolls Royce of boys I must say is gorgeous)

It was great experience using your service, and your support right up-to and after the birth is commendable.  Fiona & Reg. Methyr

Hi Both

You have been great, we would not have done it without you, your support throughout our layla pregnancy and birth was fantastic.  David & Tina Cardiff.  2016


Hi Martin

Our lady had a litter of 6 fawn puppy pugs,

Two looking like Bentley

Thanks for all your help, you’ve been great

David Barry South Wales   2016

Hi Both

We are the proud parents of 7 White pugs, this our third litter using Maximus

Really happy Zoe, Bristol, England 2016


Dear Martin & Paulette

You have given me a great Studding and after service 7 PUG PUPPIES

I have given your name to other people


South Wales 2016


Very happy with Chloe our little black pug girl

Made our family complete

Maria & Claire

Porth, South Wales


Dear Both

Thanks for a wonderful experience buying our little boy pug

Our vet made an outstanding remark on his health and around care, also how cute he is

Well done to you both on your dedication and hard work